How to Stop Procrastinating

One of the best ways to be productive from the beginning to the end of your working day is to plan ahead.

You plan has inspire you to take action and not to overwhelm you. One of the tips you'll see in the video is: use verbs and action words in your list and be specific on what needs to be completed that day.

For example: call Mrs.X and finalize the dates.

Or, buy eggs, bacon, spaghetti and cream, cook Carbonara.

Another tip, plan a night ahead, it will give you the whole morning of being productive. Especially, on Mondays.

Watch the video for the essentials of planing.

So, are you ready to be as productive as you can be? Make a decision today to start planning using those great tips you learned. And if you feel you are ready to look deeper and solve the root of your procrastination for once and for all, contact me here.


Lira Kay is an author, coach and a founder of the School of Inspired Life, the training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to creating the meaningful change in the world. Find out more about Lira and the School of Inspired Life on

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