How to Break Through an Identity Crisis

Who are you? You can either wait for the answer or decide it yourself.

Identity crisis is overrated. Why prolong it longer than you have to.

There is beauty in wonder and there is even more beauty in action. Life is an adventure. Planning the trip, buying a ticket, packing the bags, and getting the ride to the airport is just a very beginning of your journey. Your destination is waiting. Your life is waiting. Your future is waiting for you. Now is the time.

In this video I show you how to beat the biggest procrastination of all, the Identity Crisis. You really don't need to prolong it.


Take It Easy Exercise

Wherever you are, stop what you’re doing and look around you, behind you, above you.

What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel?

Write in your journal how you feel about what you see, hear and feel. Focus on yourself in connection with your environment and the people around you at the present moment.

Make sure to let go of judgement. Your job is simply to acknowledge what you live. It’s probably not that bad. And you have attracted it. If anything, you can congratulate yourself for making it so far. Most people reaching midlife have something to show for it. Don’t be shy, notice!

The Thought Accountant

Take account of the most frequent thoughts you are thinking when you go to bed. What do you dwell on? What keeps you awake at night? Journal about it in a form of a bullet point list or write freestyle. Don’t judge any of your thoughts or yourself for thinking them. It is about knowing what really worries you, not making you feel bad or worse. Later on in this book I will show you how to think the thoughts that are good for you deliberately. It is totally doable. But for now, just validate yourself and what you are going through.

Dreamcatcher Exercise

When you talk to other people, your partner, your parents, your extended family, your real friends, your Facebook friends, your colleagues at work, your boss, your team, what do you say you want out of life? How do you express what you want daily? To make this easier, remember the last occasion when you asked for something. How did you feel? What was the response? Did you get what you want? Describe the occasion in your journal.

Don’t be shocked if you couldn’t remember the last time you asked for anything and got it unconditionally. You, most likely, sacrificed your own desires to something or somebody else. I get it. You might be a chronic people pleaser and it’s ok for now. You have been doing it for a reason.

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Lira Kay is an author, coach and a founder of the School of Inspired Life, the training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to creating the meaningful change in the world. Find out more about Lira and the School of Inspired Life on

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