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               Your coaching                    has pushed me up to major platforms I could hardly imagine!!! You are powerful and MAGICAL!!!!.


Candyce Pirtle-Smalls, CEO, Fit In Her Kitchen, Author, Transformational Speaker

              "You are one of                    those naturally 

                 spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace."   .


Michael Gelb, NYT International Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Leading Expert in Creativity

               "You are                              guaranteed to

                 see incredible     results"

Lira Kay truly is phenomenal. Lira’s understanding, kindness, incredible knowledge and experience pulled me out of my shell and gave me an understanding of where I am headed and how to reach my biggest dreams. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done and highly recommend investing in her! You are guaranteed to see incredible results."


Edie Mustard, CEO,

Mustard Splatter Design, 


               "You saved my                 life!"



Sofia Blake, Author, Speaker, Global Leader Against Human Trafficking 

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