In This Free Masterclass, International Bestselling Author Lira Kay Reveals the Secret of How To Be Inspired, Productive, Spiritual… AND Really, Really, Really Successful.

Lira Kay, After 20 Years Of Research, Practice and Work With Hundreds Of Extraordinary Creative People, Presents…

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School Of Inspired Life

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  • How to become an Extraordinary Creative, the Spiritual way… someone who is inspiring, influential, balanced, productive, confident, spiritual — AND really, really, really successful.

  • Ways to step off the old unbalanced ways of struggling to be productive that we were conditioned to be as we grew up… and instead, play the new spiritual game of HIGH creativity — while enjoying a richly successful life.

  • The 8 types of “Creative Mindset Blocks” that could make the difference between you enjoying your success NOW, or struggling to make it for years.

  • Discover the #1 rule to creating anything you want in life — a concept straight out of the Pre-historic Cave Men philosophy — that Lira Kay uses to this day.

  • Lira Kay’s secrets to matching your purpose with productivity. Applying these strategies took her from being a struggling spiritual seeker to a highly influential leader… all by serving people and following her passion.

  • Experience Lira Kay’s Success & Purpose Activation Meditation… a powerful journey that opens up your mind to extraordinary possibilities and gives you strong clarity on pursuing a life of creativity, service and abundance.

  • And much, much more…



Lira Kay, is International Bestselling author, celebrated coach, spiritual teacher and creator of the ‘School Of Inspired Life’ a training center for purpose driven professionals and creative entrepreneurs.

Using the exact principles she teaches, Lira herself went from a struggling seeker to a celebrated leader, influencing people around the globe through her work.

Prior to that, during her years of struggling to find herself and her particular path in life, she decided to aspire for her highest and the most daring dreams. She was determined to find her answer, her key to success — now she has already helped many hundreds of people live an extraordinary life, life of purpose and genuine fulfillment. 

If there’s one teacher who can drastically cut down the time it’d take you to figure out your path to extraordinary life and success, this is her.


"A study in love and non-judgment, Lira's commitment to the empowerment of people is at the forefront of all she does." 


"With a gift for helping people heal and transform via the art of self-love and acceptance, Lira is a truly remarkable mentor and coach. Our work together began at a time when I was feeling drained of energy and joy by a taxing work schedule and results-driven outlook that played havoc with my priorities; I was in search of a program that would celebrate my alpha personality while allowing me to connect with my spiritual self on a deeper level, and the School Of Inspired Life System did not disappoint. As dedicated as I to my life of greater love and fulfillment, Lira masterfully guided me through the exploration of my values and desires, acknowledgement and acceptance of past upsets, and on to defining a future full of passion and possibility. Lira re-focused me on the power of intention and the importance of self-care, to integrate into my life an increased sense of calm and awareness, and most impactfully, taught me techniques for taking control of my state to increase energy and joy in any moment."

Amber-Celeste Aaronstein The Empowerment Agent


"Before working with Lira I was in a much different place in my being. For years, I had been a little miserable, obsessively reading and searching for answers about my life and who I was supposed to be and just plain lost without an internal compass. I'd been investing in myself, worked with other such life/intuitive/career coaches but had not felt any results that brought me relief or answers." 


"Since working with Lira, I have come to 100% feel and believe in the magic about the law of energy and I know I have barely begun to scratch the surface. I'm a happier person, feel grounded and not nearly as anxious about my journey on this physical earth and looking forward to the many options of my present and future. I have created a great group of friends, have improved working relationships, am learning to love myself (an ongoing journey), have meaning and purpose, am actually having fun, and can't wait to learn more everyday. I've been saying, no lie, it sounds crazy but it's like I've been born again!"

Maria Pavon Success Mindset Coaching


"There are really no words to capture the true essence of LIRA'S work with you, because words are limited - and LIRA'S work begins and ends from the storehouse - of Boundless Unseen Energy!



In - tuned with the universe! How can I describe such a rare jewel and genuine soul as you - daring to be herself! 

LIRA - Pulls from the cosmos, that universal storehouse of informed intelligence to guide you toward answers, clarity and sometimes even more questions - the kind of questions that lead to revelations to your souls need and longing! 


A Few More Thoughts! 


Heartfelt Liberating Enjoyable Enlightening Effortless Ease

Removal of Fear Connecting w/ your Energy 

Relentless Purposeful Intention to Freeing You to the Results You Seek! 


ZJA, International Speaker and a Leader

"The bottom line is Lira is so completely unique and I have never come across anyone quite like her. I was telling someone the other day that she is a new breed of therapist or "coach" and that you put the traditional  psychotherapist to shame. ." 


"Lira's investment and time in me as a person. This has been the most important to me. I know she cares deeply and is actually devoted to helping me succeed.  This is particularly important me and it delineates her from many others. I don't feel like I'm a "paycheck" or just a "client". I feel like she truly care.    

Lira's willingness to customize sessions, plans, packages. She takes the time to understand my struggles and goals, and tailor my sessions.  And not just a little, but a lot. My session is my session--I know that my time is about me and that it is different from someone else's.  

The fact that I actually have assignments, have to do something, work on something.... I'm accountable versus we talk, I listen, and then we meet up again. This is REALLY huge to me and a BIG distinguisher.  I really like this...otherwise, it feels completely wasteful. 

Lira is non-traditional in her approaches in everything she does and it's never the same things."

T.L, Ph.D, Director, Education Services


"The timing of this experience was impeccable. I plan to use what I learned from Lira for the phone interview next week and for much, much more.." 


"When Lira delineated the difference between self-esteem and confidence, it opened up a whole new awareness for me. Her wisdom and the exercises she shared were incredibly profound and supportive for me."

Lily Lum, Performance Analyst and a Leader

In This Free Masterclass, International Bestselling Author Lira Kay Reveals the Secret of How To Be Inspired, Productive, Spiritual… AND Really, Really, Really Successful.

Be Phenomenal!
Be Phenomenal!
Be Phenomenal!
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