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Are you a therapist frustrated with the system and wanting to do more for people?




surrender to the challenge!


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"I’ve learned that money follows expertise. You become an expert in demand because you are THAT good."

Lira Kay Founder

What's your biggest challenge right now?

  1. Do you want to transition to working with clients who are accountable vs patients with low expectations from therapy?

  2. Do you want to break free from using the old methods and modalities and position yourself as a distinguished expert to charge more for your work?

  3. Do you need to know exactly how to market and sell your therapeutic coaching programs that are not covered by insurance and are triple the price?

Then, are you ready:

  1. To share responsibility for your client's results?

  2. To create your own authentic step-by-step method to getting your clients to their desired outcome?

  3. To learn and do the necessary work to get clients consistently?

Videos to Get You Started

Let's break the myth that "going back to school" will do it for you. I've worked with many overqualified PhDs, MBAs and Masters... all they needed was a permission to go out and do it already! Get inspired and get started!

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Live 2 Day Intensive Aligned Online

The High-Converting Sales and Marketing System for Coaches Who Don’t Want to Sacrifice Their Authenticity

Align your soulful purpose with your niche!

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What Students Say

Here’s What Clients Say About Lira Kay


Advanced Healers and Coaches Certification

Next Level Professional Training for Coaches Who Are Ready To Create Their Own 5-Figure Program That is Original, Highly Effective and Stands Against The Competition and Time

You'll create a coaching program you can guarantee... see what that does to your pricing and positioning. 

Advanced Healers andCoaches Certificatio
If You’re Ready to Stand Out of Competition and  Triple Your Ability to Sell, Click the Image to Get The Details & Set an Admissions Interview with Lira Personally for
The BE PHENOMENAL Business Group Program.

3 Months, 9 Months, 3 Year Courses Available with the Truly Generous & Exciting BONUSES! Because This Is How We Roll!

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If you want to give birth to your big vision, realize your legacy and live your mission to deeply impact the world….

You don’t need to attract more opportunities.

You don’t have to get better at networking and score more celebrity contacts.

And you don’t need to spend another $40K on personal development and Law of Attraction seminars.


After being a therapist and mentor for 28 years and working with thousands of visionaries, pioneers and mission-inspired influencers...


Here is what I have found to be true for highly ambitious and successful women like you:


You already have everything it takes to show up and serve humanity at the highest level, except these 2 key elements:


     1.  Profound healing and

     2.  A trusted support team 


Let me explain both of them in more detail to you.

This is the highest level of support and immersion I have ever offered and I only work with truly ambitious women who are committed to doing the healing work and making a global impact through their lives’ work.

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