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No fluff, no more learning, no more creating your 'client avatar', no more fiddling with your website or your special signature system... None of that actually makes you $$$$$$$.


This 12 MONTHS: 12 PORTALS OF WEALTH PLAYBOOK will FOCUS your time and effort on what actually matters - getting high ticket clients CONSISTENTLY. If you implement any of the strategies I teach you can have your first 5-figure month on my program! I would, SURE, love that!

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Discover and Develop Your Spiritual GIFT & Create a Profitable Business to Change and Save Lives

7 Spiritual Gifts to Leap Your Profits!

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A 30 min Video Training to Heal Your Self Worth and Ability to Receive High Fees for Your Work.

High level impact healing method that had proven to get phenomenal results for women who struggle to charge for their brilliant work in the world.


Whatever you've done, whomever you paid, you had not done this. My method is based on doing therapy and healing work for the last 30 years. This is a true shortcut through all the noise and BS of transformational industry. A must have if you are looking to get results (not do more 'mindset work').

A Heart and Mind Shifting Healing Workbook

3 powerful exercises to get you from 'dreaming' about a 7-figure transformational business empire to taking tangible steps to making it happen much sooner than you think is possible.


We all have to start somewhere. Don't try to push through... Let yourself feel into your future. Actions only matter if they count. This workbook gives you clear focus and direction without making you to chose between love, work and money. 

Unscripted Sales Practice Call: $20K Paid in Full in Less Than 30 min

 and Detailed Analysis of the $20K Sales Call with all the Secret Tips and Insights

5-figure Practice Sales Call - Behind the Scenes

Watch me sell a $20K group mastermind paid in full in less than 30 min, without any scripts and manipulative tricks.


A rare opportunity to see a coach sell five-figure coaching package.


Listen, embrace, model, so you can do the same, with 100% confidence, integrity and grace. 


I was not born to be great at sales, I practiced my way in. So can you! 

Everything you waned to know - but were afraid to ask about high end sales

Watch a detailed analysis of that Sales Call with step by step guidance and how it’s done (and what is a big no-no when it comes to high ticket sales).


This comes with The Sales Call Flow Printout (you can have it in front of you and feel 100% confident, instead of using some weird questions from your script, that make you sound salesy and loose trust of your prospect.)

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