Bonus Sessions


Video 1

Are you the Sleeping Beauty of Your Business

How can you own your own power in business?

If you accepted your self worth how much would you charge?

Right now what can you offer your clients that is of HUGE value? 

Video 2

Your Life is Important! Do You Know What to Do? Part 1, 2

What do you need to

know about yourself

accept/love within yourself



in order to have what you want?

Video 3

Fix Your Business and Your Life

Video 4

Release Emotional Pain and Heal Completely

Video 5

How To Stay Focused and Beat Addiction To Distractions

Video 6

If you want to be like me Here is what I do for myself and my biz twice a year






Take track

Dream bigger



Take action

Video 7

Intuition in Business Can It Screw You Over? How to Really Be Guided and Be Successful


What is your intuition telling you?

What does your ego/inner cild wants to do?

What is your business model?

What is your marketing strategy?

What kind of life style do you want?

What are you willing to do to create that life style?

Video 8

Money Mindset for Purpose Driven Professionals and Creative Entrepreneurs


What are the best strategies to create a profitable business?

What are the internal blocks for you to take action now?

How can you overcome those blocks? 

What new beliefs you need to program in your mind to run a profitable business? 

What are the money generating activities for you? 


Video 9

What do you need stop tolerating, so you can to be what you say you want to be. How to set boundaries.


Video 10

How to Rewire Yourself for Success