Bonus Sessions


Video 1

What Is Your Life Purpose? Live It Already!

What is the pay off of seeking your purpose?

Assignment: create a time map of your life.

What is your life teaching you now?

How can you heal, elevate and grow yourself? 

How can you heal, elevate and grow others? 

Can you commit to living your life's purpose daily?

What are the different ways you can express yourself and live your life's purpose this year? 

Video 2

Passion in Business. How to Be Motivated and Inspired by Your Own Work


What is your life's purpose?

What are your gifts to the world?

What are the parts of you you gave up on?

How can you bring all of you to your business?

What is your business model? 

Video 3

Diffrence Between Therapy, Coaching, Energy Work and Spiritual Practices

Why you turned out the way you did?

Who do you need to become to have what you want?

How are you going to expand and elevate your energy?

What are the spiritual practices you want to have in place to enhance your life on every level? 

Video 4

Power Of Feminine For Professional Women


How can you be more feminine

What are your deepest needs?

What are your secret desires?

What do you need to heal to have what you want? 

How are you going to get what you deeply desire? 

Video 5

Future Visioning Workshop For Purpose Driven Professionals


50 years

20 years

15 years

10 years

7 years

5 years

3 years

2 years

1 years

9 months

6 months

3 months,

1 month

1 week

Video 6

If you want to be like me Here is what I do for myself and my biz twice a year






Take track

Dream bigger



Take action

Video 7

Intuition in Business Can It Screw You Over? How to Really Be Guided and Be Successful


What is your intuition telling you?

What does your ego/inner child wants to do?

What is your business model?

What is your marketing strategy?

What kind of life style do you want?

What are you willing to do to create that life style?

Video 8

How To Break Through Fear Of Success


How can you operate from the edge of your limitations?

What success means to you?

What does your future hold for you? 

How can you step up in your business and in life? 


Video 9

How to Deal with Overwhelm and Fear of Success Powerful Tolls for Entrepreneurs


Video 10

What do you need stop tolerating, so you can to be what you say you want to be. How to set boundaries.


Video 11

How to Stop Being Afraid

to Piss Everybody Off