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From: Lira Kay

RE: Your highest intention

AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE what would you be the proudest of? How hard you worked, how many hours of sleep or how many relationships you've sacrificed? What difference did your life really make?


After living through the loss of my first husband, a brilliant soul that never got to be realized,  this question forever changed how I approach my life and my work. I don't have to remind myself that life is so short and every minute counts!


If you take off the mask of confidence and truly look into your heart, you know that you had been stopping yourself from playing fully in… you feel the power of your own spirit and you are afraid.


I did not want to admit to myself I was avoiding showing up in my full power, even after being on my path of transforming people's lives for years  — it was truly painful to understand why.


But... it opened my heart to compassion, I stopped restricting and hiding myself. Out of love I got over my small and fragile ego.  Now, I only work through the power of my spirit, and I’m also showing my clients how to do the same so they can get huge results (just look at their testimonials below)


If you want this too (right now!) then I’ll personally speak with you and help pinpoint exactly where in your mission-driven business you can progress big time.


IMPORTANT: If you’re struggling to make it in business right now then this call won’t be of help… but if you’re at the level where playing small is your biggest problem, then we should speak.


Just click below, and I’ll also gift you my Million Dollar Offer They Can't Refuse worksheet (it recently helped one of my clients 20 x her price point, have a waiting list and sign her first global dream client!)


xo, Lira

What some of my clients are saying...

"20 timed my price point to have a waiting list of dream clients"


Lira Kay truly is phenomenal. Lira’s understanding, kindness, incredible knowledge and experience pulled me out of my shell and gave me an understanding of where I am headed and how to reach my biggest dreams. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done and highly recommend investing in her! You are guaranteed to see incredible results."


Edie Mustard 

"With a gift for helping women heal and transform via the art of self-love and acceptance, Lira is a truly remarkable mentor and coach"


A study in love and non-judgment, Lira's commitment to the empowerment of people is at the forefront of all she does. She is a skilled visionary and a dominant force within her field, combining the best of spirituality and science to lead her clients towards their own unique version of happiness and success, and I am blessed to have worked with her.


Edie Mustard 

"I live a miracle!"


My business coach Lira Kay is nothing less than extraordinary. We're on our 3rd session and magical things have been happening in my life every a day. With Lira I will become a global motivational transformational speaker.


Candyce Pirtle-Smalls

"You are a new breed of therapist or "coach" and you put the traditional  psychotherapist to shame"


The bottom line is you are so completely unique and I have never come across anyone quite like you. I don't feel like I'm a "paycheck" or just a "client".You truly care.    .


T.L. PhD

"WOW WOW WOW thank you Lira for showing me I have the courage!"


I'm negotiating my fees like nobody's business. This is all while BEAUTIFULLY and with GRACE dealing with home matters that are incredibly challenging, receiving VISIBLE support (MIRACLES) from the spiritual world.


Rosario M.

"LIRA'S work begins and ends from the storehouse - of Boundless Unseen Energy!"


In - tuned with the universe! How can I describe such a rare jewel and genuine soul as you - daring to be herself! 

LIRA - Pulls from the cosmos, that universal storehouse of informed intelligence to guide you toward answers, clarity and sometimes even more questions - the kind of questions that lead to revelations to your souls need and longing! 


A Few More Thoughts! 


Heartfelt Liberating Enjoyable Enlightening Effortless Ease

Removal of Fear Connecting w/ your Energy 

Relentless Purposeful Intention to Freeing You to the Results You Seek! 


ZJA Too Famous to Have His Name and Picture on Display 

"If I look back on what has happened in the last couple months, there has been a lot of change!"


I am powerful. I want to create the bigger me and start to step in to that new ME.


Robert M. S.

"You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace."   .


Michael Gelb