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Release 20 Pounds of Pain Book

Congratulations on taking action. I believe HEALING takes effort. It's OK to actively participate in your own healing process, instead of waiting for the time to heal you.

If you want me PERSONALLY guide you through many of the healing processes from the book and address many more emotional issues we all have, JOIN my HEALING CIRCLE Weekly Group.


For a fraction of what you would pay a therapist to be a 'good listener' or trying to heal all alone with no real direction and effective tools, this Healing Circle will get you moving forward every week.


You will learn exactly how to manage your own emotions, understand how to stop anxiety, anger, depression that were caused by all the past hurts in your life.


Every week, after attending your by-weekly live healing sessions with me, and following clear step-by-step guidelines to address the most common issues, like self doubt, lack of confidence, relationship breakups, childhood trauma and more, you will see and feel better, more in control and empowered.  

I had been healing people for almost 30 years, I am a trained psychotherapist, certified coach. I had published many books on healing and I am an international bestselling author. 

For the last couple of years I had been training and certifying other coaches and healers to become exceptionally good at their work.

You are in good hands!

The only thing you need right now is to commit to yourself and accept that healing takes effort... and I am here to help. 


Patient and kind, she re-focused me on the power of intention and the importance of self-care, to integrate into my life an increased sense of calm and awareness, and most impactfully, taught me techniques for taking control of my state to increase energy and joy in any moment. A study in love and non-judgment, Lira's commitment to the empowerment of women is at the forefront of all she does. She is a skilled visionary and a dominant force within her field, combining the best of spirituality and science to lead her clients towards their own unique version of happiness and success, and I am blessed to have worked with her.

With great love and appreciation,

Amber Celeste Aaronstein 

Brand and Business Startegist


I saw myself as more than somebody with a career and a family, I wanted to give and make an impact.

After I had experienced my own healing and going through the SOIL certification, I feel empowered to be a coach and help others to get unstuck and live their purpose."


Robert Macdonald Smith

Senior Engineer, Certified Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher 

You take the time to understand my struggles and goals, and tailor my sessions.  And not just a little, but a lot. My session is my session--I know that my time is about me and that it is different from someone else's.  

The fact that I actually have assignments, have to do something, work on something.... I'm accountable versus you talk, I listen, and then we meet up again. This is REALLY huge to me and a BIG distinguisher.  I really like this...otherwise, it feels completely wasteful. 

You are non-traditional in your approaches in everything you do and it's never the same things. 

When you see something isn't working or that I'm stuck, you immediately change course. This is another HUGE distinguisher for me. 

The bottom line is you are so completely unique and I have never come across anyone quite like you. I was telling someone the other day that you are a new breed of therapist or "coach" and that you put the traditional  psychotherapist to shame

T.L, PhD

Director, Educational Services