Finally a sales and marketing system that allows you to be yourself - and specifically designed for coaches

Aligned: The System that Launched Coaches and Healers to Charge Per Hour 

of What Others in the Industry Make in a Few Months

When it comes to marketing and selling your coaching, what counts is how clear you are about what you do. Confusion repels sales. Knowing how to present your special gift to your prospects  will enable you to double or triple your ability to sell - with authenticity and integrity.



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December 6-7, 2018

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The Backstory of charging $2,222/hr...

When Lira started doing her work as a spiritual healer 28 years ago, she was “the worst salesperson in the world”. In fact, for decades she worked for free. Coming from the spiritual community the beliefs she had about asking for money for her spiritual work blocked her from charging anything at all for the amazing transformations and healings she provided for thousands of people. Her lack of understanding what sales really are did not only get in the way of her selling to others…. it actually made her play small and doubt herself as an expert.

Today, she is the go-to sales and marketing expert for coaches, speakers, teachers and authors. She is known as a Mentor of Mentors. And her average sale for the last couple years has been a $20,000 package for only 9 hours of work.

“Wait a minute… How is that possible?”, you might want to ask.

How did Lira go from being “the worst salesperson in the world” to becoming the most sought after sales and marketing expert for coaches?

How did she transform her mindset and realize how sales actually happen… what is the most important thing to know when it comes to inspiring a prospect to pay you great fees for your time with them?

And how did she transition from being a broke spiritual healer, who felt so embarrassed about investing in her spiritual business and not seeing any return on that investment, into somebody who commands five figure fees with ease and integrity, consistently working with the best most exciting clients who appreciate her work?

I’ll tell you what Lira did to flip the pattern in just a second….

But first, here’s what’s most important for you to know:

It was not her spiritual beliefs and money blocks that kept her from being good at sales.
It was the fact that the sales methods she’d been taught missed the one crucial component.

Making sales is NOT about manipulating people into buying. The tactics she was told to use as a coach were fake and dishonest…. And they made everything inside of her scream “NO” with resistance.

Sound familiar?

See, Lira was basically left with 2 options:

  1. Give up on her business forever and do her work for free. Or…

  2. Create a method that honors her integrity and her deep desire for authenticity.

You’ve probably guessed it by now: Lira chose option 2 and she created her own sales and marketing method - different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

A method that allows you to leverage your authenticity, the originality of your spiritual gift.

A method that’s focused on communicating very clearly what exactly do you do for your clients - them signing up for your program is a direct consequence of that.

And a method that’s creates results beyond what you think is possible...

Real Results… Time and Time Again

Ever since she designed her own system, Lira taught hundreds of clients and other coaches to use this system and create extraordinary results:

Client Success Story 1

Eddie's dream was to quit the full time job she hated... She started her web design business on the side to never have a bad boss or participate in the office politics and do what she truly loves working with awesome clients. But her business just wouldn't take off. She was hardly making enough money to cover her expenses. 

After just two sessions with Lira Edie 20 timed her price point and sold her first high end package. 

In the next month she quit her job because she was fully booked.

This is what Edie says, "Lira Kay truly is phenomenal. Lira’s understanding, kindness, incredible knowledge and experience pulled me out of my shell and gave me an understanding of where I am headed and how to reach my biggest dreams. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done and highly recommend investing in her! You are guaranteed to see incredible results."

Lira showed Edie how to brand herself, selling her artistic visionary skill instead of the 200 dollar products. Edie got very clear on her ideal clients and tweaked her marketing to create her ideal business.

And imagine that: Edie is running a successful branding and marketing company... so now she had hired a team to help her with the work load. She is working with incredible leaders making a huge impact in the world...

But Edie isn’t the only one….

Client Success Story 2

Hafrun, a talented mystic and a coach, came to Lira after investing a big sum of money with other coaches, but having no success in her various spiritual businesses. She felt disappointed and didn't know how to get herself out of rut.

In the first 3 weeks of working with Lira, she sold her first coaching session for $888!

And that was just a taster for her 3-month $10,000 program.

So before she even certified from Lira's coaches and healers training  and implementing all of Lira’s strategies, she started already doubling her weekly income, week after week.

All, after getting very clear on how to, first, identify and, then, communicate to her prospects what exactly her work is all about and why would they pay her premium fees for it.

Client Success Story 3

This is another success story of Lira’s client Sofia, who increasing her profit by transitioning from from selling $100 coaching sessions to a $7,000 program, cutting her working hours in more than half. In her second month of working with Lira Sofia celebrated her first 5 figure month! After implementing the exact marketing strategies that Lira teaches her clients Sofia has quality clients reaching out to her consistently. But the story doesn’t stop there.

With her new communication skills Sofia started attracting big names, celebrities in her field asking her for her help. She created a $30K coaching package that included everything she wanted to do in her practice for years. The long term dream for Sofia, became a reality!

Sofia has PhD in Exercise Physiology and is from Greece, where the employment options are severely limited. She asked me to say, that you need to know, that everything is possible, no matter where you are or where you are coming from!

Now, I’m not promising you will sell your first $30K program within your first month (even though it’s totally possible). But what I am promising you is that if you apply Lira’s strategies and systems to your business... you can easily double or triple your ability to sell.

If you doubled your ability to sell, what would that mean to you?

I want you to take a moment and really think about this.

How would you feel about yourself as a coach?
How many more lives could you transform?
How proud would you feel about your work in the world?....

If you could communicate very clearly how your spiritual gift brings such outstanding results for your clients?

And most importantly: What is the loss if you DON’T learn how to shift your sales?

See, sales is not about manipulating someone to pay you money for something they don’t even need and won’t ever use….

Sales is about matching your gifts, your unique brilliance with the people who need you the most.

And, obviously, communicating your value clearly is important for any business…. but it’s absolutely necessary for you as a coach.


Because you’re not just selling things you can touch or wear...

You’re selling transformation!

And if people don't understand what it looks like, they will NOT invest with you. So, as a coach, you need to KNOW what exactly are you selling!

You need to KNOW how to communicate your very special unique abilities and skills.

This is the only way for you have a successful coaching business.

Communication is not a talent. It’s a learnable skill that dramatically increases your sales.

See, most coaches have a real difficulty in not only communicating, but in all together understanding how they create the results for their clients. It takes another visionary expert to recognize what their real gift actually is.

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever admired a famous coaching guru or a marketer?
Have you ever felt that what you do is actually better than what they so skillfully talk about?
Do you ever wish you could just say what your REAL VALUE is without stumbling or sounding like every other coach in your industry?

Of course, you have.

Have you ever told yourself, I am just not good at explaining myself... I don't want to compete with those funny and loud marketers out there. I can never beat them! My gift is so unique it's impossible to market or sell it! I must fit myself into a box to be able to make a living as a coach!

Well, the good news is, you can be yourself, deep, spiritual, intuitive and still be magnetic to your ideal clients due to clear understanding of the impact you make and creating your own unique NICHE to serve your people.

You already have the skills to lead and guide others through deeply transformative experiences.

You already know how to connect, relate and get your clients to open up.

And you’re already committed to making a positive impact and changing people’s lives.

All you need?... Is a proven method, specifically designed for coaches, that allows you to walk your audience from being prospects to happily paying clients. And not just any clients, the high end exciting ideal clients you always wanted to work with!

Which is exactly what Lira will teach you at her Aligned Online Intensive.

Author Profile

About Lira Kay

Lira is known to be an exceptional mentor of mentors, an international best-selling author, founder of She's Got Passion and School Of Inspired Life, a training center for purpose and passion driven creative entrepreneurs.

She specializes in helping talented coaches to elevate their work and position themselves as phenomenal experts above the pool of competition. 

Why? Because what she teaches is unlike any other sales and marketing method you’ve ever heard of.

Her approach is based on compassion, integrity, truth and transformation, and allows you to leverage your unique spiritual gift and be authentic and powerful in your coaching as well as in communicating.

Lira is well known for not only showing coaches how to talk about what they do so that people want to sign for their coaching programs, but also assures that they would deliver 100% on their promise.

Lira's Coaches and Healers Certification is the only known training program that gets its participants sign their first high end client before the completion date. 

What You’ll Learn

Here are 3 reasons why attending Aligned Online 2 Day Intensive will transform your coaching business:


Close More Sales

That's the obvious one! When you join us for Aligned, you will easily double or even triple your ability to sell. Where you felt unsure of what to say and how to say it in the past, you’ll have exact words to communicate your special unique abilities and skills. When people understand your value they buy!


Become Completely and Unapologetically Authentic in Your Business

If you can’t communicate clearly, you can't sell. Then you end up compromising not only your fees but also what you do and how you do it. But when you join us for Aligned, you’ll not only discover how to increase your profits and your income…. But you’ll be able to serve your clients authentically, too. Here’s why: More sales equals more clients. More clients equals more confidence. And more confidence opens door to authenticity and creativity. And, as a coach, that’s not only priceless…. it’s the most fulfilling and rewarding experience in the world.


Sell High-End Packages to Your Ideal Clients

Whether you’re just starting out as  a coach or you’ve been successfully coaching for awhile, one thing is true for all of us: It feels scary to triple or quadruple our fees over night.  And you probably have beliefs like “Nobody’s going to pay that” that are holding you back big time. Which is why I love the systems you’ll learn in Aligned… They inspire people to buy from you no matter at what price. Lira will show you how to communicate your unique ability to create transformational results for the exact clients you meant to work with…. Which make the price tag almost irrelevant! You’ll see for yourself when you join us!

Event Information

Introducing Aligned

The High-Converting Sales and Marketing System for Coaches Who Don’t Want to Sacrifice Their Authenticity

Marketingfrom the heart-3.png

Look, I want to be really straight with you:

Aligned is not just another sales event that teaches you how to trick and manipulate people into buying from you…. Aligned is Lira’s life's work packaged into a 2 day program that’s tailor made for coaches like you - because it honors your unique talent, your spiritual path, and, most importantly, your integrity.

  • Yes, you’ll get the exact words you need to close any sale, but they will be YOUR words.

  • Yes, you’ll get the structure and tested systems to replicate in your marketing, but it will be deeply authentic and original, aligned with who YOU are as a coach.

  • And yes, you’ll easily double or triple your ability to sell and increase your income if you follow the system provided in Aligned, just like Lira's other superstar clients do.

But what really matters is this:

Joining Aligned will not only allow you to skyrocket your sales and your business.

It will allow you to create consistent transformational business, working with your ideal clients,  serving them from the heart of who you are as a spiritual being…. in a way that feels authentic and true!

See, what Lira teaches is radically different from any other sales and marketing method I’ve ever come across. There is no manipulation, and no cheap tricks or pushing involved in her system...  Just complete clarity, compassion, and high level integrity and pride in your work - presented as an easy-to-follow structure that makes your ideal prospects say YES.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn when you join us for Aligned Online:

What is your spiritual gift exactly



You will stop the guessing game after you see with your own eyes the effect you have on people as an energetic spiritual being.

You’ll discover exactly what your purpose here on earth is and will learn to communicate it in a context of your coaching service.

Who are your clients



Most people make the mistake of taking on any client that would pay only to then have a not so reliable delivery rate. Serving a wrong client is not only bad for your clients who didn't get results with you, but damaging for your confidence as a coach. This Module will teach you exactly who your gift is meant to help and how.

Advanced Marketing That Sells Your Gift



Most coaches hustle for 'likes'. They seem to do so much marketing only to grow their list, but what they say doesn’t actually help them convert their prospects into paying clients. In this Module, you’ll learn the advanced marketing strategy that makes people want to work with you and pay you premium fees. No more chasing leads. People will come to you!

How to Lead a Sales Call



Sales scripts don't work! So no scripts, but very clear understanding of what exactly converts people. 

Module 4 will provide strategic answers to all of these questions you have about closing a 5 + figure paid in full sale.

High-End Mindset



In this Module, you’ll discover what do coaches who charge what you make in a few months make per hour do differently. 

Module 5 will give you access to the entire mindset rewiring system Lira uses to get her clients 20 time their price point and sell the next day.

Radical Healing of Self Worth to Receive the Money You Deserve



This Module goes even deeper into the highest level secrets of successful sales. You’ll experience first hand the radical healing method Lira developed over 28 years working with thousands of people as a spiritual healer, a psychotherapist and a coach.

Your perception of you and your value will be forever changed. From that place you will ask and you will receive!

Your Bonus

To make sure you get the most out of Aligned, we’ve added these exclusive bonuses for you:

How To Create and Sell High End Programs Video Training (Bonus Value: $300)

In this training, Lira talks about the most common misconceptions about creating a high end coaching programs, that might be stopping you from crushing it as a coach - and how to overcome them. She then teaches exactly what needs to be in your high end program for it to sell.

Bonus Weekly Group Trainings with Lira  (Bonus Value: $3,000)

As soon as you join us for Aligned, you’ll also get access to the highest level of trainings that Lira's clients pay 5 figure fees for. She will personally teach you how you can replicate her system in your own sales calls and how to start the kind of marketing that brings you clients straight away.

What Students Say

Here’s What Clients Say About Lira Kay


BIG BONUS Value $6200

MARKETING FROM THE HEART Live In Depth 6 Week Course with Lira Personally Teaching You to Market Your High End Coaching Program.

2 Day Business Intensive Online Event

December 6 Thursday

9 am Deep Dive into Your Life's Purpose Exercise

10 am Training Module 1-2

1 pm Lunch

2.30 pm - 5 pm Training Module 3

December 7 Friday

9 am Deep Dive into Niche and Takeaways

10 am Training Module 4

1 pm Lunch

2.30 pm - 5 pm Training Module 5-6

Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Tea and Snacks for 2 days are Included in the price!

If You’re Ready to Stand Out of Competition and  Triple Your Ability to Sell, Click the “Buy Now” Button

As a Reminder, Here’s What You Get When You Join Aligned

The full Aligned Sales and Marketing for Coaches System including the strategies Lira's clients use to close 5 figure deals consistently presented in 2 day intensive online

Bonus #1 - Lira’s full presentation on How  to Create and Sell High End Programs including a workbook to help you create your own high end program

Marketing From the Heart Online in-depth course after the event, $6200 Value your's free

Bonus #2 - Ready-to-implement weekly live zoom trainings prior to the event that walk you through the formula step by step so that you can learn at your own pace and follow through


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