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The Inspired Path is the highest-rated program on the School of Inspired Life, this is how it all begins. It’s designed for people ready to step up to experiencing a life truly beyond average… While tapping into the soulful and spiritual potential most people are yet to wake up to.

This program takes you on a step by step journey, using Lira Kay’s powerful framework for teaching, coaching you through the whole 4 stages of transformation, so you too can walk your Special and Unique Path  and live a truly abundant and inspired life. This framework is so powerful in delivering amazing results that it quickly reached the highest ever customer rating for a product on School of Inspired Life with  raving case studies and testimonials.

Ideas presented in this program got Lira on the top of the mind for hundreds purpose-driven professionals. It continues creating a massive ripple effect among families, social circles and communities of the individuals who completed the program. And these ideas have allowed Lira, against all odds, to turn her life around, enjoy professional and personal success and recognition, enabled Lira to teach and heal and be the special guide for everyone who comes to her seeking knowledge and encouragement  to live a fulfilling and joyful life. 

It’s a classic case of actively and joyfully living the Inspired Path.

HOWEVER, many people believe that it's not possible for them to access a mystical power to walk their Special Path in this life time, to recognize the voice of divine, be guided and supported in everything they do.

Lira has been investigating the concept of Manifesting and being the Master of Your Path, for over 20 years, beginning way before "The Secret" came along, studying history’s most extraordinary individuals and experimenting with many forms of consciousness expansion, practicing and getting phenomenal results using mind  and intuition training tools. And with her analytical mind, she believes she’s structured the system to be so simple that anyone can now apply this framework to their life and see results.

This goes way beyond Law of Attraction or the “Thoughts Create Reality” paradigm. This program is for a professional who is ready to be wide open to the depth of who they are, healing the most forgotten and hidden fears and self sabotaging patterns, be expressed fully and unapologetically. This is a program for the one who is called to stand in their power for the good of all. 

Lira Kay

Are you content with the level of success you experience now? Are you waking up happy with an uplifting question; what can I create today? Are you in charge of your own feelings and is your mind working for you and not against you? Have you completely eliminated all fear and self sabotage from your life?

Are you so electrified with your work and your mission, that you feel energized and in the productive flow day after day, no creative blocks, no procrastination? Do you see the difference you make in people's lives, are you affecting as many people as you have a soul contract to serve?

Do you have harmony between all aspects of your life, no conflict between love, work, health and play?

Are you fully using your most natural abilities, such as intuition, the ability to navigate and command your mind, your body and your emotions? Are you truly enjoying your Self as you meant to be living the life of higher integrity and purpose?

If not, you’re denying yourself the deepest sense of happiness you deserve… And you’re denying the world a fully enriched and enlightened being that it so desperately needs. The reality is, most purprose-driven professionals cannot answer yes to all of the questions above, and this is what The Inspired Path program is about.


Introducing Inspired Path: The Ultimate System For Stepping Into And Getting The Most Out Of Your Special Talents and Gifts.

With The Inspired Path program, you finally have a road map for getting to the depth of your identity and authenticity. Where you are completely in harmony  with who you are and feeling divinely supported, enjoying a meaningful life every day, and where you have completely eliminated all fear and self doubt from your life. 

You become so energized with doing your work and feeling the love of the dearest and nearest that life seem easy and joyful to you. You have balance in everything you do. And you’re fully using your advanced conscious abilities, such as intuition, creativity, compassion, the ability to shift reality with your mind, and feelings of oneness with the rest of the world.


So here’s what we mean by the four-stage framework for Mastering Your Path




Stage 1




Stage 4


We can think of growing into the Master of Your Path as a series of 4 different stages, each expanding upon the other














99% of the population in the planet is in deep denile of their true Self. They don't enquire deep enough and long enough to discover their true calling, identity and purpose. They live at the level where they are operating from the society, culture, education based rules and limitations. Most people are walking blindly the labirynth of life in search of some kind of satisfaction. Some even dare to dream about happiness one day. But they are not taking time to investicate what their foremost hidden yarnings are, what's their unique happiness look and feel like. They go with what is conventenal and they use the conventional methods to get what they were told to desire. 

But there’s so much more to YOU than that. And when you start examining and questioning the limitations of what you were told about yourself and the world, you start your personal evolution process that your soul and spirit had been waiting for  for your entire life. 

Stage 1 KNOW YOURSELF is about finding out who you are and what you are meant to do in this life. 

Stage 2 is called LOVE YOURSELF. This is where self-reflection and deep spiritual enquiry meets real compassion and radical self forgivness. At level 2, you start not only exploring but practicing new ways to connect with your authentic self. You fully experience the acceptance of the whole before awaking the most needed transformation of the parts and sides of you that need healing. The world will be awarded with your accellerated appriciation as a projection of your inner peace and gratitude. It’s where you start discovering the power of never-experienced Unconditional Love. Where you deal with deeply rooted self doubt, critisism and sabotage. You will train yourself to receive abundance in every area of your life, no compromize. It’s when you start ascending beyond what most people are living and feeling. 

However, your path to Inspired Life had only just began.

At Stage 3, you’ll decide to begin anew. First your'll comit to moving on, then you'll start your healing process. So many people even after endulging in the therapy or many self-help programs, courses and workshops are still dwelling in the past, repeating the same old cicle of life half-lived, themselves half-expressed. Feeling deprived, victimised became their second nature. Accepting complete empowerment, taking responsibility for launching a real no-going-back healing takes guts. This is a healing stage that must come to the logical end: letting go of everything that isn't your's. Servant To A Higher Calling can not afford being a victim. At this level, entire new abilities start to emerge in you. At the core, the state of empowered is governed by 4 different qualities:

  1. A feeling of self-worth and clarity about your value. You will understand and radiate confidence in who you are and what you are bringing to the world. Through your personal libaration from guilt, shame and fear of being yourself you will affect every soul around you to shine their light too. 

  2. A feeling of faith and trust in yourself and your spiritual guides. It’s as if you are a skillful psychic who just 'knows' what is the next move. You are extremly productive. You become certain and unshakable in your mission. You let yourself be taken towards your best possible life. You become fearless. All of this gives you another third quality.

  3. A feeling of complete and entire surrendor of your Ego to your Spirit. Your Ego is not your enemy, it had been trained to be a warrior, a skilled performer with personality and talents, serving the Master, You. After healing your Self, Self becomes your most powerful ally. Now, this leads to you developing the 4th quality.

  4. A feeling of protection and support. The Universe and All There Is is on your side. It's like you become magnetic to all things good. The clarity of your mission and purpose, the confidence of your intention, your uncompronized focus and discipline in staying the course, creates a magical armor around you, wich diverts unhelpful and distructive elements from your energetic field. And at the same time makes you incredably attractive to everything and everybody that has an ability to move you and your mission forward.

These are the 4 qualities you’ll experience at Stage 3 of Mastering Your Path. And this program is designed to get you to this state as soon as possible, becasue you don't have time to waist. Your desicivness and fast implementation is the currency you pay for success of your life's work and your personal happiness. 

This is the Stage 4 of your initiation where you become the Inspired Master of Your Path. Lira will explain more about this rare mystical state in the program so you’ll know what to expect in this level. This is your chance to create the Authentic Life you're not just meant, but abliged to lead. The Lightworkers, the Warriors, the Healers and Progressors of this world need to fuel their body, their mind and their heart. You life is not about survival. It's about giving, being productive. You need to be filled up in order to give and produce above avarage. You deserve to be filled with love, beauty, vibrance, inspiration and stimulation. Your life style is an essential part of who you are as a Contributor. What does your particular ideal world, your uncompromized life look like? What are the components of your specific complexed state of joy and gratitude? What do you need and wish to create and experience daily and in the years to come? What will keep you inspired for life? 


But Getting To This State Didn’t Come Easy, Because She Had No Road Map.

Most mission-driven professionals feel they have to sacrifise their own well being and joy in life in order to do their job well. Lira was no exeption to that. She learned how to have it easy, joyful and highly successful the hard way. Only after decades of ups and downs, extensive research and experimentation… she’s finally developed a course that can accelerate your growth in authenticity and productivity and bring you to that state where you are fully empowered, being truly yourself and highly inspired so you can lead, and serve your purpose for the good of yourself and humanity.

The Inspired Path program skillfully guides you toward an evolution of who you are and how you contribute in this world.

This program is about you, your autheticity and aspirations, as it is the key to unlocking your hidden power and helping you become truly productive while living the life you dare to envision. The Inspired Path had been based on Lira's proven Practical Creativity System which extended into Mastering Your Path Method, that helped hundreds of purpose-driven professionals to find clarity, unshakable confidence and faith, overcome their fears and expand their capacity to love and create a meaningful and sygnificant impact in the world. 



Stage 2




Stage 3


About Your Trainer:

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author of many books on self-development and spiritual growth and the founder and CEO of School of Inpired Life, and a well known coaching and training center She's Got Passion. Lira was able to take her extended life experience in self development and healing and teaching, and create the comperhencive program that doesn't just tell you what to do, and how to live your life, but leads you to be more Yourself than you imagined possible. In doing so, School of Inspired Life has become the hub for passionate purpose-driven professionals to find the information and inspiration to be the most productive and fulfilled in work and in their personal lives. With expertice in leading international and local healing and personla growth workshops and seminars, Lira's goal is to strategize the pesonal education system for the people who are ready to make the leap from an avarage passive participant in life to an Inpired Master of Their Path fully contributing the good of all.

Lira is also a founder and a leader of the Self Love for Women Healing Series and an Art of Mindfulness Class. Participation in both of those projects are offered freely to the local community and also the international audience as a gift of compassion and gratitude. Giving back is one of the important elements of anybody's Path, and Lira herself has been an example of a teacher who walks her talk. She applies the principles of Mastering Your Path to all aspects of her life and business — from School of Inpsired Life to her career, relationships and daily habits.

She is commited to bringing message of compassion, love and authenticity to the wider global audience.



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How You’ll Grow


As you go through this program, you’ll know exactly how to find clarity, maintain the high level of faith in yourself, heal your wounds and let go of your past, and create a new mindset and an attitude from which life is exiting and also easy. You will experience a state of flow and your life will feel highly charged, inspired, and as though your soul and your spirit themselves are operating through you. This is a beautiful way to live and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Make Your Transformation a Priority and Your Mission Crystal Clear

We examine when in the day (and how) you are making time for yourself and your life-improvement, make room in your schedule, prioritize your daily task lists, schedule in follow up time, put a pause on non-essential energy “leaks” in your environment and time-management, so you can fully invest yourself in learning, growing and fully engaging in what is GOOD for you.

Strategize Your Unique Mission

We will examine exactly where you are in your life, how are you positioned in the market/career place, what your life story/history/past is, what will motivate and inspire you and what makes you unique, what are your obstacles right now and where you want to be. We will also spend time with figuring how you will achieve all you set yourself to achieve, personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. 



Craft Your New Vision and Identity

Together, we will find out exactly who you need to become, what kind of new beliefs and attitudes you need to have to be where you want to be. You can look at it as the WHO, WHAT, WHY, HOW of what makes YOU the Artists of Your Life, as well as the best ways you can benefit from your new attitude.



Construct Your Life Purpose and Attract Advancing Opportunities

In this section, you will find out what your life purpose is, how to find it, how to set it and how to start bringing in opportunities to live your purpose opposed to you chasing after THEM. 


Define How You Serve and Create a Value Declaration

We take stock of your gifts, talents and skills and see how what you already do fits into your new concept of life and your life's purpose. We will also see if you want to change anything in your current relationships, career and health to feel more fulfilled and happy. You will write a personal value declaration and commit to authenticity and integrity in your life, love, work and play. 

Establish Your Unique Ways to Get Things Done

Here, we will have you see that it doesn’t work to PUSH hard in your life to achieve desired outcomes, instead I will encourage you to PULLING the results IN using new methods and techniques, operating out of your usual routine, somewhat out of your comfort zone, which will make your life just so much more adventurous and courageous. 

Get Out There In a BIG Way

I'll share with you the crucial  success factors and teach you how to educate your environment, professional and personal in how to support you on your new path. We will also examine everything you need to do to get out there shining your light, speaking your truth and living your life to the full and to stop hiding behind your desk. 


Implement Systems for Consistent Action and Results

There is never a time you will stop growing and developing, creating and enjoying–unless you consider yourself 'done' in this life, which I believe you won't once you had seen the real results from your new attitude, mindset and behavioral patterns. The good news is, we will implement true systems to make sure the changes you would want to embrace in the future are never time-consuming or full of effort. The systems we put in place will almost run by themselves and soon, you will be literally playing with methods, tools and variety of choices available to you at any given moment and with any challenge in your life. 


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Feedback From Other Members Of The Program

Dear Lira
Thank you kindly for your expertise and commitment to guide me to a 10 level of self love. 
I will be doing my homework because I am recognizing its remarkable benefits and know that I deserve them.

Ingrid C.

I am not alone in my feelings of self doubt & low self esteem. Renewed energy in finding self love. I really enjoyed this group! Looking forward to the next one.


Thank you so much, Lira, for giving us ladies such divine knowledge about the men we encounter over and over and letting us know what our responbility in the whole rollercoaster called life is, you're such a lovely speaker. I'm so glad to have you in my life!- hugs


Thanks to the exercises that I've been assigned week by week, I've seen and felt results.

Maria P.


“It’s really inspiring.”

The concept of getting fresh ideas from multiple authors every month makes sense to me. I listen to all of them more than once to grasp all of the content in each call. It’s really inspiring. I usually have difficulty sticking to programs online, but this one I always stay interested. It’s like a unique gym with new classes every month. I started from a place of wanting to make a shift in my life. Consciousness Engineering has been a large step in the right direction, and each month I feel empowered with new beliefs, new habits that bring me closer to my ideal state.

I apply some of the mindfulness practices with my 10-year-old son and it helps calm him and sleep better. Thanks for putting this product out there Vishen and looking forward to new content.


Nathifa Akbar-Edwards

“It’s really inspiring.”

The concept of getting fresh ideas from multiple authors every month makes sense to me. I listen to all of them more than once to grasp all of the content in each call. It’s really inspiring. I usually have difficulty sticking to programs online, but this one I always stay interested. It’s like a unique gym with new classes every month. I started from a place of wanting to make a shift in my life. Consciousness Engineering has been a large step in the right direction, and each month I feel empowered with new beliefs, new habits that bring me closer to my ideal state.

I apply some of the mindfulness practices with my 10-year-old son and it helps calm him and sleep better. Thanks for putting this product out there Vishen and looking forward to new content.

Nathifa Akbar-Edwards


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