Healing and Coaching Certification

Bonus Sales and Marketing Trainings

Video 1

Epic Sales Training For Coaches and Healers

Bond, let them feel the pain of their situation, intervene, explore desire, make a short offer, name your price. 


Video 2

Marketing Training, How to Sell with FBlives


Write down 10 hot topics your ideal clients will resonate with and start doing FBlives regularly. 

Video 3

How to Sign a New Client, Best Practices

Write a simple coaching agreement or a contract to give your clients as they sign up for your program.

Video 4

Sales, Tackling Objections Short


Energetic understanding of objections and how to deal with it.

Video 5

Stop Objections and Attract the Right Prospect...Like in Dating 

In depth training on energetics of sales and marketing.

Dating Ms Right. Stop Objections and Attract the Right Prospects.
"Honestly, I am not looking for a coach right now...." (I just want to pick your brains for free) NO MORE!
"Well, I have too much on my plate, I don't have time for this" (Can I reschedule...I have a party to go to...) NO MORE!
"I am so broke and...broken" (I can't actually afford anything, I am in such pain!) NO MORE!
"Yes, no, maybe!" (then dissapearning act:))) NO MORE!

Learn exactly WHY and WHAT to do about it! 

Video 6

How exactly my client sold her first ever coaching package for $7K Secret is Converting Your Prospect into a Happily Paying Client


Example of how to do the kind of marketing that brings you clients. 
Remember the structure:
- go deeper with their pain/struggle - tell them/show them - - you understand the problem.
show exactly what you do for your clients - the benefits.
- using my own story to show how I struggled and what I did wrong!
- showcasing my client's results (specific results - if you are health coach, exact amount of weight they lost, better achievements, relationships on)
- invite into a sales call.

Video 7

How to Create a $10K Program in 30 min

Example of creating a coaching and healing program for men. 

Video 8

Sales Practice 1

This is a great example how to sell to people like myself, successful ambitious and demanding :)
I am being challenging on purpose, because this how your prospect will question and judge you. You want to speak your language, not your 'coaches' language. Excuse the bad language I used :) Just being passionate in my teaching. 

Video 9

Sales Practice 2

Video of me selling (this is a practice call, but as you know this is how you got on the program as well). Write your realizations: what was good about that, what can you use to sell your own coaching program. Keep in mind the important principles (bonding, pain, intervention, vision, offer, handling objections, giving examples of clients or my self, making offer, closing)