Lira Kay is an author of Now or Never, How to Get What You Want Every Time You Say 'I Wish'  and  I Belong, The Journey from Lost to Found available on Amazon and Kindle right now. You can also get a free PDF copy of 'Now or Never"at


Lira's art is a window to your higher self. Created with an intention to awake a deeper personal and spiritual connection within you, her paintings, mandala-prints, video and sound installations, had been widely exhibited around the globe. Through her art Lira is interacting with you straight heart to heart and soul to soul. 


Lira works with women, men and couples looking for a meaningful shift towards living with peace, purpose and passion. Learn exactly how you can begin your journey to your liberated, fulfilled and expressed Self, having Lira as your guide and teacher on your side. 


Check out what is on on-line and live in Lira's world. Mark your calendar and attend her events, trainings and performances, when you feel inspired by the topics she lectures on throughout a year. 

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